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Recently Added Items

Noble & Cooley Pay Roll 1889

Noble Cooley Employee Pay Roll 1889.pdf

The Noble & Cooley pay book for 1889. The factory burned to the ground on February 21, 1889 so many employees made drums as well as worked…

Main Road, 0605, Granville, Ma.; Champlin Farm

Main Road 0605 001p.jpg

605 Main Road, Granville, Ma.
Notes indicated owned by Champlin 1913; Dowling 1940's; Chadburn; Snyder 1968 to at least 1980.
Tree: May, 1998 (Paul…

South Lane, 0172, Roberts' Hillside Orchard, Granville, MA.

Roberts Hillside Orchard building from FB page.jpg

Roberts' Hillside Orchard, located on South Lane, Granville, MA. Currently not in operation. Formerly operated by Ed and Barb Roberts.

Granby Road, 0005, Stacker's Store, Granville, MA.

Stacker Store 2000 03 04 Paul Jensen Photo.jpg

A small store located next to the Granville Country Store and across from the Village Green that used to be operated by Dot "Ma" Stacker.


Nestrovich Fruit Farm, Granville, MA.

Nestrovich Truck 2000 07 29 Paul Jensen Photo.jpg

Photos of Nestrovich Fruit Farm in Granville, MA.    Paul Jensen photos (with permission):   - Nestrovich Sign and Truck: July 29, 2000   - Crates:…

Rockwell, Everett: Granville Village School Principal

Rockwell Green 2018 08 09.jpg

Photos and memories of Everett Rockwell, contributed by the Granville community. Additional Information About Everett Rockwell: Everett O. and Miriam…