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Recently Added Items

Winchester's Store, West Granville


Winchester's grocery store, probably 1930's, with West Granville Congregational church in the background.

Atkins / Sattler House (Now Gone)


House with notes indicating "now gone." Former owners include George Atkins and Lester Sattler. The house may have been owned by Earl Sattler after…

Case, Sophia: Position on Educating Women

Education Case Rose Sophia001.jpg

A humorous "opinion" written by Sophia Case (1807-1900) on why women require less education than men. Likely written in the early 1800's while in…

Z126 Unknown Girl, House on the Green


Photo of an unknown girl, found by Steve Miller in a house that was being cleaned out.. The house was later torn down and the site is now part of the…

Belden, Holcomb, Hunt, Humphrey, Kenney, Madley, Rowley Reunion, 1937


Family reunion held at Winchell Grove, September 12, 1937. 47 people attended.

Wedding Photo: Helen Alvina Hansen and Charles Louis Drolett, Jr., June 17, 1931

2018 06 04 fb mystery.jpg

Wedding photo, Helen Alvina Hansen (6/20/12 -1/15/98) and Charles Louis Drolett, Jr. (6/2/09 - 10/1/70), taken 6/17/31. This image from FB via DL…