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Recently Added Items

Granville Community Fair, 1930

Granville Events Book 2019 01 126003.jpg

Newspaper article covering the 4th annual Community Fair, Granville, MA., September 9, 1930.

Granville Babies Compete at Fair, 1929

Granville Events Book 2019 01 126001_Page_36.jpg

September 28, 1929 newspaper photo of Granville mothers and their babies competing at the fair. A month later the stock market would collapse,…

Hansen Family Reunion, Granville, 1973

Hansen Family 1973 from Wendy Hansen Samples 2019.JPG

The extended family of Harold and Mary Hansen, 1973. Digital image donated by Wendy (Hansen) Samples.

Reagan Road, Barn and Silo, Built 1945

Reagan Road Barn and Silo.jpg

Large barn and silo located on Reagan Road, Granville, MA.

Clifford Holcomb Gibbons (1852-1918) Alaska Lecture Poster

Gibbons Clifford Holcomb Alaska Lecture Poster.jpg

A poster featuring Dr. Clifford H. Gibbons (14 Feb 1852 - 14 Sep 1918) lecturing on the topic of Alaska. Date of the poster is unknown but would be…